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Chef Alejandra Kauachi

Thursday, October 5 | Concurrent Breakout  Session | 10:00am-11:00pm

The Future of Culinary in Kansas City Panelist

Chef Alejandra is passionate about Mexico, its culture, food, fiestas, holidays and celebration. Her decision to become a chef was a natural decision, that was backed by her two grandmothers who taught her a lot about Mexican traditions. Through working with them she grew up enjoying the spices,scents and amazing flavors.

Chef Alejandra studied Culinary arts in Mexico City, and had worked everywhere in the food industry;  from restaurants, eateries, hotels, catering… but where she really felt complete is in a classroom and sharing with her guests.

She’s a natural host who loves to receive friends and family at home and share Mexico´s Food, Traditions and richness to anyone who might be interested

So, please give her the opportunity to show you everything that Mexico has to offer. The best Gastronomy, an amazing cooking class in the best cooking experience she can offer…you will definitely have a culinary Experience of a Lifetime and the best part, you will feel part of her Mexican Family.

Session Description: Chef Martin will be hosting an educational session consisting of a panel discussion. This panel will cover topics such as culinary trends, dietary restrictions, career options for recent graduates, and the distinction between chefs from various regions and venues.