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Tech Talk: A Deep Dive into Zenus’ AI Facial Detection Cameras

November 6, 2020

The meetings and events industry has approached a critical point, in which large-scale event planners and exhibitors are juggling more considerations than ever before. Conferences and conventions have started picking back up around the nation, and event planners in charge of these high-volume functions are presently challenged with checking guests in safely, keeping attendees appropriately […]


Tech Talk: Augmented Reality, Facial Recognition, and Happy Maps

August 18, 2020

Augmented Reality Virtual reality (VR) is one innovation that has already started to become more mainstream at meetings and events.  However, VR’s similar counterpart, augmented reality (AR), has distinguishing variations that allows this technology to convey information differently than VR. While VR only displays computerized graphics, and is limited to visual and auditory projections, AR […]


Tech Talk: Meeting Software Overview, Virtual Reality, and Meeting Planner Apps

June 11, 2020

Meeting Software Overview The meetings and events industry had to quickly adapt virtual gatherings, due to the inability to meet face-to-face.  Even the companies that solely relied on in-person functions, with no prior knowledge about virtual meetings, had to immerse themselves in the realm of digital get-togethers. Below is a chart that reflects commonly used […]