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Feature: A Great Cause…

March 26, 2018

Article By Astrid Zeppenfeld Marketing a product or service can be tricky sometimes, especially if the product is a high-end consumer good and strictly designed to fulfill a want and not a need. A lot of strategic planning goes into researching the ideal market, designing the most eye-catching ad, establishing the best sales force, and […]


Feature: Miscommunication is funny in sitcoms, not in real life

March 26, 2018

Article by Jeff Arthur How many sitcoms have we watched and laughed through about people at home, work, or on vacation where the entire show is built on miscommunication? The writers of the shows know that we have endured our own version of whatever the show is depicting. The problem is that it isn’t so […]


Business auf Bayrisch * Business Bavarian Style

December 20, 2017

Article By Astrid Zeppenfeld Oktoberfest. What do you think of when you hear the word “Oktoberfest”? Most Americans have by this third sentence conjured up the typical image of the Bavarian Liesl in her Dirndl holding–at a minimum–seven(!) beer steins. Truth be told, I myself (born and raised in Germany) conjured up that same image, […]


The Time to Align Hospitality Industry Workplace Policies with Millennial Values is Now

August 23, 2017

 Article by Roger L. Ridenour, M.A., SHRM-SCP In the Summer 2017 issue of MM&E, we discussed the exceptionally high employee turnover rate in the hospitality industry and how we can begin to address this problem through Generational Management. We reviewed the formative life experiences and work values of four generations of employees, and we briefly […]


Generational Management Can Help Hoteliers with High Employee Turnover

May 25, 2017

Article by Roger L. Ridenour Hello, Hoteliers! I understand you’ve got a serious problem with employee turnover. Various studies agree that hospitality industry employee turnover is typically twice the national average for all industries. A study by the American Motel and Hotel Association found annual turnover in the hotel industry to be on the high […]


Medical, Scientific Meetings Find Good Hosts in K.C., Plant Themselves at St. Louis’ Expanded John Danforth Center

February 21, 2017

By Lisa Lance Whether your organization is rooted in the medical field or you simply want to explore a scientific venue for your next event, Missouri has some great options. Convenience in Kansas City Benita Stennis, director of scientific affairs at the Missouri State Medical Association (MSMA), coordinates the organization’s annual conference. The event alternates […]


Keeping It Kosher: Must-Know Tips for Accommodating your Event Guests

December 2, 2016

 By Rob Schaefer In our modern world, planners are faced with myriad dietary restrictions, food allergies and special requests as they’re designing meeting menus.  As we are a global community, cultural and religious requirements also become part of the list of event food considerations.  Although it sounds intimidating and finding an appropriate event location may […]


The meeting industry: What’s new, what’s coming up – A Q & A with MPI’s Paul VanDeventer

November 4, 2016

After attending MPI’s World Education Congress in June 2016, MM&E’s Julie Johnson caught up with MPI chief executive Paul VanDeventer for some thoughts on the current state of the meeting and event world.  VanDeventer has led the Dallas-based professional development organization since 2013. MPI, which stands for Meeting Professionals International, operates via 90-plus chapters and […]

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