Organization Spotlight: Education Concern Center (ECC) Nepal

Education Concern Center (ECC) Nepal is a nonprofit organization, aspiring to improve the quality of education in rural Nepali schools.  This association trains Nepalese teachers how to utilize active, interactive, and visual techniques to convey knowledge to their students.  By integrating these participatory methods, these rural schools will shift away from rote memorization-based learning, thereby inspiring the students to seek out information that interests them and understand the true value of education.

Janie Kaiser, Co-founder / Managing Director for ECC Nepal from St. Louis, partnered with Min Shi, Executive Director of EEC Nepal, to make a difference in the lives of Nepalese teachers and students after conducting independent research on the quality of education in rural communities.  “I sit in the classrooms of the dirt-floored schools, dreaming of desks, of non-ripped notebooks, of posters on the walls. Of teachers who interact with their students, of a playground instead of a dusty courtyard, of doors to the buildings, students faces lighting up with understanding and joy as they learn, water for students to drink, and food for them to eat.”

ECC Nepal has pioneered their own education improvement system that they have woven into rural Nepali schools.  The Active Teaching and Learning Practices (ATLP) is a program and classroom package that provides Nepali teachers a teaching manual, proper training, and new classroom materials.  The training manual covers topics such as how to plan effective lessons, how to set up a classroom, and what to do with the new classroom materials.  Nepalese teachers attend two days of group training, where they gain experience planning activities for the students and learn how to use their materials, followed by two days of in-class training where the ECC team supervises and assists them as they pass along their new knowledge.  Each ATLP classroom receives a full shelf of new supplies, such as markers, crayons, whiteboards, and notecards.  To learn more information, visit


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