MM&E Toured LHM’s Wheel at St. Louis Union Station

Following the opening of the Wheel at St. Louis Union Station, MM&E toured Lodging Hospitality Management (LHM)’s newest property renovation and experienced the attractions and restaurants drawing thousands of visitors to this unique and lively destination since its unveiling!

Overlooking the St. Louis skyline, the Wheel rotates 42 climate-controlled gondolas seating up to eight people for 15 minutes.  Each glass gondola is equipped with interior lights and a two-way communication system with the operator.  This 200-foot Wheel will stay open from 10 am to 10 pm all year, with $15 tickets for adults and $10 tickets for children.  At night, the Wheel is illuminated with many patterns of vibrant, flashing lights, making LHM’s latest attraction distinguishable from afar.

Located beside the Wheel is a photo station, a seasonally-opened carousel, and an 18-hole mini golf course where children and families can capture memories and play.  These additional activities make Union Station an ideal destination for groups of people to gather and explore new sights in St. Louis city.

On top of the recent opening of the wheel, classic merry-go-round, and mini golf course, Union Station also revealed its new Soda Fountain restaurant.  Replacing the old Hard Rock Café, Soda Fountain emulates the classic 50s diner, serving shakes, burgers, hot dogs, and fries.  It is your classic diner with an interesting twist: it serves a specialty desert called Freak Shakes.

These gigantic milkshakes are topped with ingredients such as entire cookies, cupcakes, key lime pie, lollipops, and potato chips.  To add even more craze, these Freak Shakes are coated with sprinkles around the top of the glass!  Just witnessing this shake is an experience in itself.

LHM has even larger plans to add onto Union Station, with the St. Louis Aquarium projected to open its doors in December this year.  The continued expansion of this property will make it an ideal venue for meetings and events.  During meeting breaks, attendees can ride the wheel and grab a bite to eat at the Soda Fountain!  Be sure to check out LHM’s newest property and stay tuned for future updates.


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Joe Clote

Joseph W. Clote is owner of Publishing Concepts, LLC a communications and marketing firm based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Mr. Clote is Group Publisher of MeetMed™ and Missouri Meetings & Events™ (MM&E) magazine, a quarterly publication read by thousands of meeting and event professionals, and producer of the St. Louis and Kansas City trade shows under the MM&E name. Mr. Clote has extensive sales and marketing expertise in the travel, tourism, fine art, insurance, and software development industries.