Titanic Branson Will Go Pink in October to Support International Breast Cancer Awareness

This year, Titanic’s iconic, marching pink flamingos and giant, ship-mounted 15 ft. pink bow will be joined by a crop of symbolic pink pumpkins in calling attention to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign at the Titanic Museum Attraction, announces Mary Kellogg, president, COO & co-owner of Titanic Branson and Titanic Pigeon Forge.

In addition to being the colorful, feathered mascots of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Hot Pink Flamingos you’ll see parading the grassy knoll in front of Titanic Branson will also serve as honor guards for 44 people who survived Titanic but were later claimed by cancer – six were victims of breast cancer.  When you visit the Museum Attraction, you’ll find each flamingo tagged with the name of a Titanic cancer victim.

The Good Fight

“This marks our fourth year of active participation in International Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns,” say Kellogg. “Since that time there has been progress in the good fight against this terrible disease, but a cure remains elusive. The National Breast Cancer Foundation reports that this year alone, a woman is diagnosed with the disease every 2 minutes. So, until this scourge of human health is wiped out, it’s important to remember that the best protection is early detection. That’s the message everyone involved in this campaign is promoting,” explains Kellogg.

Pink Pumpkins

“So why pink pumpkins? I see them as down-to-earth symbols of hope that fit perfectly into our Pink Days’ salute to cancer awareness, education and research,” says Kellogg. “These pumpkins are real and grown especially for Titanic by Campbell’s Farms located in Clever, MO, When you think of how orange pumpkins are part of one of the biggest fall events taking place at Silver Dollar City’s Pumpkin Nights, rare pink ones just might help add to this year’s Cancer Awareness.”


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