Industry Update: New-Age Team Building that Employees won’t Hate

Good leaders know that building a happy and productive team is important. Yet they often continue to offer lame team building exercises, like eye-roll-inducing conference room trust falls. Whether you’re a professional event planner or human resources professional,  why not help leaders find team building activities that their employees won’t hate?

Step 1: Find the Right Time. Employees need to appreciate the time away. Select a date and time that is conducive
to full engagement. That means avoid scheduling an event at busy times, such as the end of the month for accounting, to avoid employees feeling overscheduled

Step 2: Go Offsite. Put new meaning in the phrase “out of office” with a destination team-building event. Heading offsite allows employees to focus on fun and helps break down walls between roles.

Step 3: Promote a Friendly Competition. Consider assigning teams within your team. If your group is large or your
team tends toward cliques, assigning groups can help mix it up. Issue colored bandanas, hats or t-shirts that identify
each team. Encourage the teams to create a name and a unique cheer or chant and award points to the most creative group.

Step 4: Pick a venue that offers memorable team building exercises, such as: Go Kart Racing – Tear up the track and take on colleagues with some highspeed racing. Indoor electric go-karting provides a year-round option that doesn’t
depend on sunny skies. Declare a winner based on a team average or best individual lap time.

Laser Tag Battle – Team up for some friendly competition in a black light, music-filled laser tag arena. A variety of laser games can be played to facilitate communication, cooperation, and collaboration.
Discuss the goals of each game before and debrief after to get the most out of your laser tag sessions.

Obstacle Course Challenge – Tackling obstacles while suspended 18 feet above the gaming floor requires risk-taking and overcoming fears. For team competitions, award points for the most flags collected in a set amount of time or fastest team to complete the course.

Social Session – Offer a drink or an appetizer and get employees to let their guard down with an icebreaker game,
such as two truths and lie, or hit the arcade together and Down the Clown.
Team building is one of the best investments organizations can make. The better employees get to know their coworkers, the more likely they are to work harder to help the team succeed. Go Team Go!

Kim Link is the managing partner of Amp Up Action Park and a former adjunct professor specializing in organizational communication. Amp Up Action Park is located in West County St. Louis at 13901
Manchester Road. For more information on Amp Up Action Park and its team building packages, visit or call 314-439-8008.

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