Industry Update: Multi-language Webinar Revolutionize Global Conferences and Cummunication

Conferences with United Nations’ style, real-time language translation are now effortless for corporations and event  planners

Previously reserved only for the most complex of live events with booths, cables, special earphones, and complicated preparation, now global webinars and conferences become effortless with an easy-to-use software that converts any online or on-site event into a United Nations’ style experience in many languages.

In the past converting an event into multiple languages meant a monumental headache for meeting planners and webinar hosts, but as of 2017 creating a global webinar or conference can take as little as 20 minutes using the software Tywi-Web Interpreter by Translate Your World. This software enables interpreters anywhere in the world to log in and instantly interpret in real time exactly like the United Nations and share the translation with listeners online and on-site without special equipment or telephone numbers.

Fear of failure evaporates because all of the worry has been lifted from the shoulders of the conference organizer. The organizer just distributes a web link for along with the webinar meeting link for Webex, Skype for Business, Zoom, GoToWebinar, etc. The webinar attendees click the link and up pops a window with the interpretation. People gathered in a room can listen on their own devices or on loudspeaker or headphones.

Sue Reager, president of Translate Your World, explains: “What is remarkable about this new approach to language translation is that it mimics a live, on-site conference. At the United Nations, for example, people hear the speaker at the podium and they also hear the interpreter clearly and loudly through their headphones. Tywi-Web Interpreter recreates the same experience. The audience hears a blending of the original event along with the interpretation, thus retaining the atmosphere, personality, music and laughter of the original.”

As with all Translate Your World software, there is nothing to download or install for the organizer or the audience. And importantly, the interpreters may be located anywhere in the world. In this way organizers can use their own interpreters or ask Translate Your World to provide high quality professionals, including technical, medical, and financial interpreters. Info:

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