Originating in Japan in 2008, Escape Rooms are perfect for a unique family outing, a corporate team building activity, or even a first date. A team of about 2-6 people are placed in a room together, and the only way to escape the “locked” room is by collecting and deciphering the hidden clues before 60 minutes elapses.
This real-life game requires critical thinking, problem solving, and cooperation among team members. Each Escape Room has a different theme with unique clues that provide a new puzzling experience.
Kokomo Joe’s in St. Peters, MO has five Escape Rooms where you could be challenged to become a team of scientists
looking for an antidote in the Nevada Dessert or work together to complete an imperative mission for the CIA in Havana,
Cuba. For more information, call 636-447-5656 or visit
Another option is Mastermind Room Escape, located in downtown St. Louis, MO. Mastermind offers the Cardinals Quest themed room where team members will have to work together to save the Cardinals game. Visit or call 314-690-3356 to make a reservation.

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