Changing market conditions and busy attendee schedules have led us to rethink the ways MM&E Expo connects you with event planners, venues, exhibitors and sponsors.

We have spent time considering what makes MM&E Expo relevant and useful to you, and we’ve realized some changes need to be made.  To that end, we have decided not to hold our Kansas City (KC) Expo this year.

It was a difficult decision, but it was made to ensure we provide you with the most useful and effective event possible each year.  We are truly grateful for your understanding as we take time to update our Expo format and broaden its appeal.

If you already registered to attend or exhibit at the 2016 KC Expo at Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center, your paid fees will be refunded, unless other arrangements are made with your sales representative. If you’ve already booked a hotel room, PLEASE CONTACT STONEY CREEK RIGHT AWAY TO CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION. The hotel’s phone number is (800) 659-2220; its web address is www.stoneycreekhotels.com.

We truly appreciate our partnership with Stoney Creek, and hope you and your colleagues will join us at future networking events there.

Please note that our Spring 2017 St. Louis Expo is still on the schedule, and we actively welcome your participation in it.

We will continue to invite your input as we creatively revamp our KC Expo and trade show format for next year.  Stay tuned to mme.meetmags.com/expos for more information! Let’s build an Expo event that works for all of the attendees.

Questions?  Your sales representative can help, or you’re welcome to call us at
(314) 781-8880.

As always, we thank you for partnering with us, and allowing us to help you meet with success.

Joe Clote
Group Publisher
Missouri Meetings & Events